This all started when I got an idea to do a new show where I “secretly” changed the sound of kids voices to something funny or unexpected.  Given the availability of “voice” boxes, that wasn’t too hard.
But, being a musician myself (and thinking there needed to be more), I then wanted to see if I could make my guitar sound like a drum or, even more cool, a cat, or dog, etc.  Now THAT would be really neat, right?
Sadly, when it comes to guitars and the special effects tools made for them, even on computers…it turns out that it’s just not done, no matter how simple it seems to just want to “replace” the sound coming out, with something else.

So this lead to a very long, deep, often frustrating (and expensive) search to find and combine elements already out there. And believe me, everyone I spoke to, contacted, or consulted (from programmers, musicians, gear manufacturers, computer and App developers, to synthesizer specialists) said it could NOT be done – at least not in the simple, small, and interactive way I sought to do it.
Well, I did it! Not only can my guitar can bark, honk, or sound like a helicopter now, but my keyboard can to.  In fact, I can make your voice meow, sound like a piano, and I even have a piano that says words that you can use to try and form sentences!!!!
For the finishing touches, I then figured out how to use plush animal robotics, to animate hand puppets, that either “hear” sound and move, repeat, and sing with us, OR can be plugged in to a guitar, keyboard, drum set or even a microphone, and triggered to dance and play!!!
The finished product?  A totally unique show, where I use different skits, tricks, jokes and challenges to create an ever-changing, always amazing, and completely mesmerizing show.  I just LOVE it, and think that you will too!